Locking Line Barriers consist of four separate components. We will assist you in determining the right array of components to meet your needs. Simply go to the Users page and fill out the email form so we can contact you regarding your specific requirements.

Key features include:

  • A minimum ten year up to 20 years normal life expectancy
  • An automatic ballasting and negative buoyancy system to stand firmly in place despite water levels
  • Maximizing the shipping capacity of a standard 53’ truck trailer enabling 416 linear feet of barriers per load
  • Our Four different Components provide the capability necessary to meet nearly any topographical layout challenges and sealing abutments, utilizing built-in 15 degree chamfers on each side for ease of completing a Locking Line layout of protection
  • Ease of Handling for Rapid Deployment
  • Built-in rails for sliding in and out of transport vehicles
  • Built-in design for ease of fork-lift operations
  • Slip and Slide Assembly and Dis-assembly for Rapid Deployment
  • And probably the most valuable feature; Built-in BillBoard messaging for sponsoring Logos and/or Products to help offset acquisition costs.

(Patent Pending)