Whether you are a home or property owner, business or governmental agency in need of a way to control and mitigate threats from Floods and/or Traffic and Crowds, we can help.

Uses Include:


Almost any topography can be addressed. We will assist you in designing the barrier wall you need utilizing the four component parts necessary to meet your specific needs.

When the threat is 360 degrees it is possible to create an Island of Safety.
Such a configuration does not require a specific shape. The Locking Line Barrier components can be arranged to meet the topographical needs required.

Collection Pools:
Anticipated to meet the needs of environmental protection for drilling, fracking and hazardous liquid spills.
When lined, this product provides an absolute seal of contained liquids up to 4’ deep as long and wide as needed.
When a rapid response is required this is the ultimate solution to be prepared.

Other Uses Include:

  • Traffic Safety and parking control
  • Pedestrian / Crowd Control; Set up to control directional movement at any venue
  • Construction Site Protection; to protect personnel and restrict areas
  • Temporary Livestock Management

Contact Us to help you design the ideal configuration for your project.